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Welcome to Selebelo ‘Sele' Selamolela's official website
Sele is an accomplished living explorer. He has journeyed to some of the most inhospitable environments in the world. He has participated in mountaineering, jungle and desert expeditions. Sele made mountaineering history when he became the second Black African to summit Mount Everest. He narrowly escaped death when he collapsed near the summit of Everest, at 8845m. It is through a deep instinct to live, the determination of his team members and the grace of God that he survived.

Sele now works as a risk manager in the banking industry in South Africa. Sele is currently writing a book about his adventures, including the Everest Climb for Peace. He often gives inspirational talks about his odyssey of explorations. He now spends most of his time with family, friends and his college sweetheart, Mamello.

About the book

about_the_book On the morning of Thursday, 18 May 2006, with the summit of Mount Everest in full view, Selebelo ‘Sele' Selamolela gathered all his strength for the last hard push to reach the top of the world.

You Don't Fool Around With Mountains is the story of that day, and of the personal odyssey, that led to it. Sele's slow ascent began in childhood, in one of the least likely places in the world for dreams of high-altitude climbing: Soweto. A passion for mountains would take him far from home, on daring adventures across the globe. But his goal was always Everest, mountaineering's ultimate challenge. The dream would be realized when Sele won a place on the ten-member 2006 Everest Peace Project expedition - and nearly met his fate on the summit, surviving only through teamwork, courage and a deep will to live.


About Sele

Image Sele made mountaineering history when he summited Mount Everest on the 18th May 2006. This makes him the second Black African and the youngest African to set foot of the top of the world. He was part of the Everest Peace Project.

Motivational speaker

motivational_speakerThe appeal of Sele as a speaker is that he brings timely insight of functioning in a diverse team. He was part of the Everest Peace Project which was made up of people from different cultures, races, religions and countries. His story powerfully demonstrates how any team can work together to achieve any goal by building supreme trust in each other.

Everest : A climb for peace

everest_peace_project_filmThe inspirational documentary film, Everest: A Climb for Peace, is coming soon. This film gives a step by step account of the Everest Peace Project's successful summit of Mount Everest, including details of Sele's narrow escape from death near the summit. The Everest Peace Project's Everest Climb for Peace made world history by uniting people from various cultures and faiths (including Palestinian and Israelis) on the tallest mountain in the world.







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