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motivational_speakerThe appeal of Sele as a speaker is that he brings timely insight of functioning in a diverse team. He was part of the Everest Peace Project which was made up of people from different cultures, races, religions and countries. His story powerfully demonstrates how any team can work together to achieve any goal by building supreme trust in each other.

Sele is an ordinary man who has achieved the extraordinary. He inspires with his personal story about reaching the top of Mount Everest.

His style is warm, authentic and personal. This makes his presentations compelling and demonstrates what can be achieved by the many and not the few.

He shares his experiences and insights into human potential in speeches that are moving, humorous and inspirational. He uses spectacular images, video footage and stories to describe the harshest environment on earth and tells what it is like to be pushed to your limits. Sele's story is one of courage, tenacity, triumph of the human spirit and the immense human instinct to survive. It is a story of dealing with rapidly changing circumstances, focusing on your goals and the innate strength we all have within us to succeed.

Mount Everest has been seen as an icon of tacking a big challenge. He uses powerful anecdotes and vivid analogies to convey the elements that parallel the challenges of striving individuals and organizations. Sele's presentation touches on many themes, namely :

Anatomy of risk, Cross-cultural communication, Mountaineering, Teamwork, Personal Leadership, Personal inspiration, Interfaith dialog, Training, Crisis and disaster management. Sele currently offers two inspiring talks titled:

  1. Unity in diversity

  2. Anyone can succeed: Sele’s journey from Soweto to Everest To learn more about these talks and other tailor made talks contact us for immediate assistance.

To learn more about these talks and other tailor made talks contact us for immediate assistance.



“An amazing achievement and very well presented by Selebelo - Thoroughly enjoyable evening and most informative. Well done Sele” Jenny Bennie, Barloworld

“Absolutely superb presentation of a superb climb. Many thanks” Ruth Stasiak, Mountain Club of South Africa

“Absolutely inspiring! Thank you very much” Ivan Joubert, Impact Advertising

“I'm happy that I finally met Sele and I thought he grew up in a Suburb, I'm even impressed that he grew up like many of us. That inspired me a lot. And the part of nearly dying from lack of oxygen, that alone made me realizes. The importance of the small things we take for granted. I wish him all the best for the future.” Ayabonga Mani, Wilderness Foundation SA “An absolutely fantastic story and very well presented. Please come to PE again”. Craig Clarke, Clinkscales Maughan-Brown Ayabonga Mani, Wilderness Foundation SA

“An absolutely fantastic story and very well presented. Please come to PE again”.Craig Clarke, Clinkscales Maughan-Brown


Publicity Photos : 


motivational_speaker_sele speaker_everest
mountain_climber ice_climbing
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Selebelo equipment requirements :  

  • data projector :with laptop connector lead
  • Room Lighting : The room chosen for the presentation must have good quality daylight blockage capability. Artificial lights need to be directed away from the screen to prevent image washout.
  • Screen : The larger the screen, the better.
  • Microphone : Either a lapel microphone (preferred) or a podium microphone would be suitable. In either case, the location of the microphone should be such that the screen is visible to the speaker.
  • Speaker Lighting : During the presentation, the house lights must be dimmed to provide the maximum quality of the slides on the screen. However, a separate light should (optimally) be focused on the speaker so that she is visible throughout the presentation. Someone in the audience should be delegated to dim the house lights at the appropriate time.
  • Seating   : Seating set-up should allow for a clear, unobstructed view.


Speaker info request :

To extend an invitation for Sele to be a speaker at an event, please provide information by completing the contact form. We will be in contact with you shortly. We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours.

A speaking fee and out of pocket expenses will be charged. The final price will be based on location, time, schedule, length of presentation and other factors. Please complete the contact form for a detailed quote.

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